Complexity - Parameterized

Dubai, Sep. 21 - 23, 2017

The recent development of sophisticated computational design tools has instigated new ways of integrating computation in the design process; both within architecture and engineering disciplines. The new set of digital tools has infiltrated a bottom up system to open the design space towards a high level of complexity. The integration of these tools allowed the architect to generate and control complex information derived from a manifold of sources. Fabricated Topologies-Beginners is a 3-day workshop that has been designed for participants with no previous experience in Grasshopper or parametric design techniques. The program will introduce them to both the theoretical and technical knowledge required to explore possibilities of the new design medium. The workshop will also prepare participants for the entry level of the intermediate / advanced workshop Fabricated Topologies, which is taking place on Jan 17-21, 2017.

inFORMed CLAY - robotic 3d printing

Dubai 10-12 Nov. 2017

Through the code-matter-machine interaction process, inFORMed Clay aims to explores new possibilities of the robots and digital materialization to redefine artifacts design far beyond the pre-determined creation of forms. We will study the potential emergent behaviors of the system as well as learn and exert a new sensibility to the computational design/fabrication process by tapping into the self-organization properties of matter as a key factor in determining characteristics of the output shape. The aim is to go beyond the current state of prototyping, according to which the physical prototype should be as close as possible a clone of its digital counterpart, thus making fabrication a purely replication phase. Instead, by coding and embedding additional levels of information aimed at mapping and defining material features and behaviors as well as different deployment patterns from which physical and aesthetic properties arise, the production and digital fabrication phase becomes an integral part of the design process.