Fabricated Topologies

Fabricated Topologies” explores form-finding techniques using complex mesh topologies to generate and fabricate different scale prototypes. The five-day workshop will introduce participants to parametric design to fabrication workflow using force-based form finding techniques to generate, simulate, fabricate, and assemble different scale prototypes using a combination of Rhino/Grasshopper with selected plug-ins such as Kangaroo, Ivy, Weaverbird, and few others.  Different topologies will develop as a result of a negotiation between the applied forces, the selected material, and the design intent as set by the different participants. Kangaroo form relaxation technique will be used to examine the generated topologies and their influence on the final configuration. After reaching the final form, different strips layout strategies will be examined in order to prepare the model for fabrication.  Fabrication and assembly plan will be prepared in order to take the digital model from the computer and into realisation.