performative design-01

Baghdad Feb. 5-8, 2018

Designing with environmental sensibility is evolving as a vital subject in architecture on both professional and academic level. We are at a critical moment wherein environmental considerations are becoming increasingly important in the design process. Set in a studio environment, the workshop will introduce an integrated approach to design multi story buildings with environmental sensibility. It will provide participants with tools and techniques to integrate environmental data and site-specific issues early in the design process, and be able to respond to them in their design. It will also focus on teaching students how to deploy these principles as a design strategy for different types of projects.

Behavioral Topologies

Dubai, Jan 17-20, 2018

Behavioral Topologies
 investigates the relationship between topology and form-finding strategies. Participants will be working on their own selected projects, using techniques presented in the workshop.  Workshop exercises will use Polygonal Modeling in combination with Particle Systems, Structural Analysis, Topology Optimization, Evolutionary Solvers and Vectorial Fields to design forms of different scale and complexity. The proposed workflow will combine the use of MayaRhino, and Grasshopper with some plug-ins such as Kangaroo, Millipede, Weaverbird, and others. During the workshop, participants will be introduced to polygonal modeling in Maya, visual programming in grasshopper, and will learn how to prepare their final model for 3D Printing.


Complexity parameterized-03

Dubai, Jan. 04 - 06, 2018

The recent development of sophisticated computational design tools has instigated new ways of integrating computation in the design process; both within architecture and engineering disciplines. The new set of digital tools has infiltrated a bottom up system to open the design space towards a high level of complexity. The integration of these tools allowed the architect to generate and control complex information derived from a manifold of sources. Fabricated Topologies-Beginners is a 3-day workshop that has been designed for participants with no previous experience in Grasshopper or parametric design techniques. The program will introduce them to both the theoretical and technical knowledge required to explore possibilities of the new design medium. The workshop will also prepare participants for the entry level of the intermediate / advanced workshop Fabricated Topologies, which is taking place on Jan 17-21, 2017.