Baghdad, Aug. 27-Sep.01, 2018

CROSSOVER Summer School is architectural summer program, which operates under CROSSOVEReducational initiative, envisioned and directed by two architects: Raya Ani and Zayad Motlib. An educational program that takes place every summer in a different city around the globe with a common theme of bridging divisions whether social, environmental, cultural, physical, or technological.

CROSSOVER_Baghdad will address the architectural and urban challenges that resulted from the process of dividing Baghdad urban areas into pockets characterized by high concrete walls, which has transformed the city into separate zones and communities. The studio will deal with the divisions across a selected area of Al-Ahrar Bridge, and will introduce a range of design strategies and techniques aiming at transforming the two sides of the river into a cohesive urban connection.

performative design

Isa Town, Bahrain Jun. 22-26, 2018

Designing with environmental sensibility is evolving as a vital subject in architecture on both professional and academic level. We are at a critical moment wherein environmental considerations are becoming increasingly important in the design process. Set in a studio environment, the workshop will introduce an integrated approach to design multi story buildings with environmental sensibility. It will provide participants with tools and techniques to integrate environmental data and site-specific issues early in the design process, and be able to respond to them in their design. It will also focus on teaching students how to deploy these principles as a design strategy for different types of projects.